Wanted: 300 Members to Support Local News Writers

The Harrisonburg Times is an effort to provide a sustainable alternative news and information source for the central Shenandoah Valley.  Voluntary written contributions will be vital to the site’s success, especially for opinion pieces, advice columns, arts and living content, and event information.

However, news content takes particular professional talent and significant time, and if the Harrisonburg Times intends to be a credible and consistent news source, a paid news core must be created and maintained.  It is only fair to provide a mechanism to pay news writers a competitive rate.

That mechanism is a membership program.  Members commit $10 per month to a fund to pay news writers.  In exchange, members receive the satisfaction of supporting local, community-driven news writers.  Also, a benefits program is currently being developed that will give members exclusive discounts to local businesses and restaurants.  The benefits will include discounts on purchases, meals, and more.  Benefits will be announced at the Launch Party and will be listed on the Membership page.

Businesses May Add Benefits

Businesses wishing to explore offering a benefit to Harrisonburg Times members are encouraged to contact Ashley@HarrisonburgTimes.com.

300 Members Needed to Sustain News Writers’ Fund

The Harrisonburg Times seeks a minimum of 300 members to have adequate funds in a writers fund.  While verbal and written support of the Times is appreciated, it is simply not enough to create or maintain a viable operation.  Please subscribe today!

Launch Party April 16!

The Harrisonburg Times is launching community-driven content beginning April 15 – and that’s reason for celebration! Come to the Harrisonburg Times Launch Party Friday, April 16, 2010 at Clementine.

Join the early contributors and readers to see the Harrisonburg Times launch content, and for a night to discuss local news, learn about the Harrisonburg Times, meet the writers, and meet new friends.

Register for Harrisonburg Times LAUNCH PARTY! in Harrisonburg, VA  on Eventbrite

Limited space available!

LIVE Music by Caleb Einwechter
Cash bar
Food and Snacks
Great Company!

7:30 Arrival & Reception – including LIVE Music and finger foods
8:15 Launch Presentation
8:45-10:00 Socializing

Suggested Door Contribution Goes Towards the Harrisonburg Times: $10


Growing Momentum for a Fresh Resource

The announcement about the Harrisonburg Times’ pending launch stirred a surprising number and diversity of people interested in contributing to an additional community-driven news and information resource for the Harrisonburg-Rockingham area.

Some stats so far, generated from the single post just two weeks ago: