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A few years ago, I was in massage therapy school. During a snack break I noticed a teacher about five feet away, showing a student hand positions for a different kind of therapy. The student didn’t feel a thing. But I suddenly felt a sensation of springtime, although it was a dark winter of my life.

During this time, I had just lost a job, my health insurance, and my mother to cancer. But as the teacher administered this touch, I started to feel relaxed and warm. I started to cry. Even though she wasn’t touching me, I came to understand that healing from this kind of touch, known as Reiki (RAY-key), can be done at a distance. I wanted to know more.

Reiki, developed by a Japanese Doctor after World War II, means universal-life energy, according to “Reiki: The Healing Touch,” by William Lee Rand. Reiki is not a religion, but a relaxation technique. The theory of Reiki is that we are alive because of life energy flowing through us. When this energy is blocked, we become out of balance, or we may become ill. The ability to use Reiki healing is transferred from the hands of a licensed Reiki Master to the hands of a student during training (or attunement). The healing is in turn transferred to the client.

Lynn Boggess, a licensed senior Reiki master, teacher, and practitioner.

I spoke to Lynn Boggess, a licensed senior Reiki master, teacher, and practitioner. She has been a full time Reiki practitioner since 1997, and is the founder of the Virginia Center for Reiki Training. I asked Lynn if she has seen Reiki energy heal in her practice.

Lynn: I have seen miracles. There was a gentleman who had toxic glue poisining. He was unable to walk. Migraines all the time, nausea, horrible symptoms. Reiki detoxed the glue from his body and his symptoms disappeared.

Tracey: How has the use of Reiki grown in the U.S.?

Lynn: The public wants to take more responsibility for their health. We are learning that we need to heal body, mind and spirit. Reiki is part of the holistic healing community and so I am now being asked to donate time for Reiki by oncologists. I am also teaching people with diabetes on the benefits of Reiki.

T: What do you say to people who have doubts about the validity of Reiki?

L: The Reiki is still going to do its job. I work with people who are really sick and they are ready to participate in their healing. If people want to know more they can go to the website for the International Center for Reiki Training ( It has links for research on Reiki and explains Reiki to Christians.

The Virginia Center for Reiki Training is located on a hillside on 18 forested acres of land, in Blue Ridge, VA. I attended a class filled with people from all walks of life: a teacher, nurses and a civil engineer. There were mostly women but a few men too, from all over the United States. Reiki felt like meditating with a friend. It gave me space to be calm and quiet. Since the class, I have given Reiki sessions to my husband and myself. He has his doubts.

If you have doubts about Reiki or you would like to experience it, find a practitioner in your area. You can find out about the Virginia Center for Reiki Training and Lynn

Author Tracey Brown is a Harrisonburg resident and a Massage Therapist at the Beauty Spa, Harrisonburg, VA.

Boggess on her website,

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