Best Buy Opens with Community Gifts


Hundreds gathered to be the first inside Harrisonburg's new Best Buy.

A young man named Nathan arrived at 5:45am this morning to be the first customer at Harrisonburg’s new Best Buy – and he was joined by over 150 people by the time the ribbon was cut at 9:45am.

Store manager John May, who will employ up to 100 people during the busy holiday season, gave remarks prior to the ribbon cutting.  He stressed the company’s commitment to being active corporate citizens, and promptly demonstrated it by gifting the local Boys and Girls Club $2,000 and the Harrisonburg Children’s Museum $10,000.

May also recognized the many advances in technology since Best Buy opened, citing the early “wonders” of compact disks and dial up internet.


Nathan was first in line for Best Buy at 5:45am.

After the remarks, the ribbon was cut, and Nathan enthusiastically lead a long line of customers into the first day of sales.

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