Virginia Biodiesel Conference Convenes in Harrisonburg

Approximately 75 people convened today at the Virginia Biodiesel Conference.  Hosted by Virginia Clean Cities, the event sought to bring together producers, users, and policy experts to discuss the state of the biodiesel industry in Virginia.  Attendees included representatives from Red Birch Energy, Reco Biodiesel, Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services, Public Policy Virginia, Virginia Soybean Association, and many more organizations.  Elected officials included Delegate Tony Wilt (26th House of Delegates District) and Harrisonburg Mayor Kai Degner, who facilitated the event in his professional position as the Fairfield Center.  

Participants discussed the challenges and opportunities facing the biodiesel industry.  Subsidies and tax incentives, new technologies, and existing users.

A number breakout sessions were created by the attendees:

  • Food vs Fuel Debate and Conversation
  • Feedstock Development with Virginia Agricultural Products / Algae and Other Possible Sources
  • Biochar, Bio-Oil, Synthetic Gas, Carbon Sequestration
  • Legislative Encouragement for Biodiesel
  • Promoting Small Scale Production of Biofuels
  • Economic Development: Job Creation and Economic Multiplier Effect
  • Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance
  • Market Barriers / Promoting Market Demand with Incentives
  • Technical Issues in Biodiesel Use
  • Collaborative Efforts

Conference information and archived session reports will be available on the conference webpage.

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