Greenhouse is Built for New Community Project

A greenhouse can be built in an affordable manner, like this one for the New Community Project in Harrisonburg. Photo: Diana Woodall

On a warm Sunday afternoon, October 10, members and friends of New Community Project in Harrisonburg met at 715 N. Main St and contructed an inexpensive greenhouse.

The project was done in conjunction with the call from for communities across the nation and world to take action to address climate change.  (350 stands for the maximum sustainable level of CO2 parts per million in our atmosphere. We are currently ABOVE this level, at 390). Present were about 7 youth members of Ashbury United Methodist Church Senior High Sunday School, as well and their teachers and mentors, some of whom brought a picnic feast for the workers.

The property was recently acquired by New Community Project and includes an old house that will serve as transitional housing for the homeless, as well as garden space. There are plans as well to build a greenway/bike path all along Blacks Run that will connect the nearby Little Grill with Eastern Mennonite University.

The greenhouse can be used to grow plants and food throughout the year. Photo: Diana Woodall

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