‘A Show Of Instance’ Brings Back The Polaroid

             A simple recipe for coolness: 1) be ubiquitous and fun, 2) become obsolete but remain an object of nostalgia, 3) wait at least a decade, and then, 4) come struttin’ back into town.

            Polaroid photography will celebrate just this sort of return to prominence this week with ‘A Show of Instance’ at The Artful Dodger.

            The exhibit, opening from 6-9 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 29, will include Polaroid images by 14 local photographers, whose expertise ranges from professional to first-timer.

            Paul Somers, fresh off his project to resurrect the Super 8 film format as co-founder of Harrisonburg’s first annual (and extremely successful) Super Gr8 Film Festival this fall, is one of the Polaroid show’s organizers.

            “I’ve always loved the Polaroid,” said Somers, comparing its instant reward to the digital format that has replaced it. “The difference is that the [Polaroid] format makes you far more conservative and cautious in your picture taking, which translates to better-planned images.”

            The Impossible Project, a company that bought Polaroid’s last remaining production plant in the Netherlands in 2008 and has since begun releasing new instant film for Polaroid cameras, is one of Somers’ inspirations and a sponsor of the show.

            ‘A Show of Instance’ will run for just one week ­– a nod to the format’s quickness – but Somers plans to bring back future editions every three months.

            And so, Viva la Polaroid – familiar, simple, quick, and still somehow magical, an image that appears from a black nothing between your fingers over a few long seconds.

            “This …film that develops right in front of your eyes was created 60 years ago, and is still incredible,” Somers said.

The David Mayfield Parade at Clementine

David Mayfield is the “other” voice and lead guitarist, as well as a contributing songwriter for folk rock favorites Cadillac Sky, whose last album “Letters In The Deep” was produced by Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) but his role as a member of the Texas by way of Nashville quintet is just one of the many musical paths this Grammy-nominated artist has journeyed.

Growing up in Kent, Ohio, David was surrounded by Bluegrass music. At the age of twelve he was playing bass for the family band, traveling from festival to festival, along with his younger sister, noted songstress, Jessica Lea Mayfield, singing and absorbing the stories and lessons taught by road hard veterans, all the while picking up tips on how to play a lick on guitar or mandolin. By the time he was a teenager, Mayfield had won several national awards for his guitar and mandolin playing and his reputation was being forged in the world of Bluegrass as a player to watch out for.

In 2008 when Jessica Lea Mayfield was ready to make her debut record, Blasphemy So Heartfelt, she asked David to play bass on it. He did. And over the next year he would tour as her bassist, and as a newly minted member of Cadillac Sky all while writing and performing his own songs.

On the road with Jessica Lea Mayfield and the Avett Brothers, Scott and Seth took notice of Mayfield’s musicianship and the three quickly developed a friendship, leading them to invite David to sit in with them dozens of times including their 2010 Bonnaroo & Merlefest sets. After urging him more and more to make a record of his own, when he took to the studio the Avett’s were quick to lend their voices.

David Mayfield Parade is the culmination of that encouragement. The album reflects the numerous influences that come from a lifetime of being immersed in American music and channeling its unique forms with sincerity and celebration from the howl of early rock-n-roll, to the low lonesome twang of folk and country with a voice that is all at once heartbreaking and inherently hopeful.

The show at Clementine will start at 9:30PM.
It is $8 in advance and $10 at the door.
Joshua Vana will be opening the show!
This will be an all ages event.

Near Misses, Tight Squeezes And Canned Food Catastrophes: Mom’s Motorized Cart Odyssey

By Andrew Jenner

I can’t have been the only child who dreamed of commandeering one of those motorized shopping carts that sit tantalizingly unattended at grocery stores entrances. And I’m surely not the only adult who still, somewhere in his heart of childish hearts, would kill for the opportunity to go joy-riding down the frozen foods aisle, spinning donuts on the shiny waxed floor, veering madly around corners Mario Kart-style. Wouldn’t it be fun?
By age 28, though, I’d pretty much accepted that this wasn’t going to happen, that firsthand knowledge of self-propelled shopping carts will only come once I’m sufficiently withered and broken down to actually need one, that I will probably never be able to muster the necessary chutzpah and disregard for basic decency required to pull off such a stunt.
And then, a fortunate thing happened: my mother developed severe and terrible plantar fasciitis, and in September, underwent an invasive and painful foot surgery requiring many weeks of recovery – and entitling her to full operational privileges of any and all motorized shopping carts throughout the land. Continue reading “Near Misses, Tight Squeezes And Canned Food Catastrophes: Mom’s Motorized Cart Odyssey” »

The Kopecky Family Band at Clementine!

The Kopecky Family Band will be returning to Clementine for their second performance tomorrow night (12.11.10). This Nashville, TN based group is composed of all classically trained musicians, specializing in an Orchestrated Folk Rock. They have been creating a lot of buzz throughout the nation with each one of their diverse and unpredictable live shows. Recently, they have showcased NYC’s College Music Journal in October as well as playing Nashville’s Next Big Nashville Festival, receiving critical acclaim with each of their performance’s around the nation. This 7-piece band is sure to deliver an amazing high-energy performance that is sure to leave you in awe! David Bayard Richard will be opening the show with his own Orchestrations range from a Southern Garage Pop to a more diverse and intricate Orchestral Folk. This show will start at 9:30PM and there is a $5 ticket price! Hope you will make it out for this special show! More information here!

Zehr Receives Thanks and Gives It, Restoratively

Howard Zehr

HARRISONBURG – Eastern Mennonite University professor Howard Zehr spent his Thanksgiving holiday this year receiving the thanks of German and Swiss groups for his work as a pioneer and propagator of restorative justice around the world. He also did “giving” as a speaker and workshop leader on the same topic.

On the day that the United States celebrated Thanksgiving 2010, Zehr received the Michael Stattler Prize from the German Mennonite Peace Committee in Rottenburg am Neckar, a town in southwestern Germany. Continue reading “Zehr Receives Thanks and Gives It, Restoratively” »

This post was submitted by Jim Bishop.

Blue Streaks Advance to State Title Game

The DNR is reporting that the Harrisonburg High School Blue Streaks football team for has advanced to the Virginia Group AA Division 4 state title game in a double-overtime 28-21 win over Christiansburg.

According to the Virginia High School League‘s posted schedule, the Blue Streaks will play for the  championship on Saturday, December 11, at 4:30pm at Williams Stadium at Liberty University in Lynchburg.

Enough is a Feast – 7 Things To Do Instead of Shop

What a bizarre world we live in that some people got up at 4 am on November 26—not to meditate, not to practice yoga, not to write in their dream journal—but to get in line to shop for “Black Friday.”

I decided nearly 40 years ago to abandon the custom of gift giving at Christmas. I used to make a practice of staying away from stores like Walmart from Thanksgiving to well past Christmas. When I became seriously interested in yoga, about 25 years ago, I learned that part of the practice includes observing ethical precepts, and one of those is aparigraha, or non-grasping, non-hoarding, essentially non-greed.

Of course, other spiritual traditions also emphasize the value of simple living, and value spiritual practices and traditions over possessions. In the Christian faith, Continue reading “Enough is a Feast – 7 Things To Do Instead of Shop” »

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